Welcome to Humankind.com

We make cool apps for the Android platform!

We've been working so much on our mobile apps, that we haven't had time to make a fancy web site yet. Check back later!

Check out our current beta product: Quotemaster - This program displays a virtually never-ending stream of hand-picked quotes from famous people throughout history, popular personalities and everyone in between. You can select your favorites, email them or text them to friends. Unlike other applications, QuoteMaster uses a huge database on the Internet and learns what you like. The more you rate the quotes, the system learns and sends you other quotes you might like. Point your android phone to this link or search in the Market for "quotemaster" (one word) from "Humankind Software". This app is 100% free - you can help us by sending any feedback too. Thanks very much!

Interested in contacting the owners of this domain name? e-mail owners 8888 at 88888 humankind.com.